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projects Details

1- Topographic Surveying of 350 Hectares area for Storm control canal project To KOCKS CONSULTANT GMBH In Mazar E Sharif Airport Afghanistan.

2- Topographic & Division Surveying of 240 Hectares area For 30 MW on grade solar power project To 77 Construcon Company In Kandahar Province Afghanistan

3- Topographic surveying of 45 km Water Supplying project To FICHTNER GMBH In Emam Sahib City of Kunduz Province Afghanistan.

4- Survey & Design of 44 km Joi Ajmeer road Project To DIA-SIKA NORTH In New Baghlan District of Baghlan Province Afghanistan

5- Topographic Surveying of 750 Hectares area For Kajaki Dam ph-2 Project To 77 Construcon USA Corp. In Helmand Province Afghanistan

6- Topographic Surveying of 1,200 Hectares Dam area For Kamal Khan Dam Project To ABCC-SAROL-PIMTEK JV In Nimruz Province Afghanistan

Our main goal

To provide a full range of Survey & construction products and services to a broad customer base. To grow our business in all sectors of the market place. To provide a customer focused service that delivers high quality Survey & construction projects in a safe, professional and timely manner

Take a look to our challenges

Workers who have been on a variety of construction sites for many years are likely to become somewhat desensitised to less obvious and smaller, but nonetheless genuine hazards. It can be the case that workers will underestimate their chances of getting hurt whilst they are performing the work that they have simply become accustomed to, performing related tasks on a regular basis.

Being exposed to a risk in some capacity day after day does instil a belief in many of the workers that they are less likely to injure themselves; it can appear to be ‘just another day at the office.’ This is an unhealthy attitude to have as when you stop thinking about the risks, that is precisely when an accident is most likely to occur.